B1 (thiamine)
drinking wine depletes it (sulphite preservative or SO2 added to wines , beer and foods like sausages, dried fruit..like apricots etc).. destroys B1 ? (question is how much ?)
Beri beri is the deficiency state.. BUT at low level of deficiency ya get things like, poor coordination, tingling in arms and legs,depression, muscle weakness.. I had all of those, and I've been taking B1 daily as single tablets and the tingling seems to be lessening.. but it could also be that I've increased by thyroid hormones too ..as hypothyroid also causes depression, tingling, muscle weakness and loss of coordination

perhaps like the B12 one (pernicious anaemia for b12).. that if you take lots of B12 you can overcome it..might be the case with me and B1.. but probably I was hypo too..I was a bit in blood tests.
With the B12 the poor absorption increases with age, especially in over 60's I think.. but probably inover 40's to a reduced extent.

There is a "rare" autoimmune B1 deficiency problem ..similar idea to pernicious anaemia for B12 I suspect?.. but not considered as its rare.
I asked my ex-endo if he could test for this or low B1 but he refused.. he siad low B1 was rare . I suggested as it was never tested for?. he said it was, it just never showed up. i'm unsure if he meant low b1 or the autoimmune B1 absorption problem.
The endo tested me for coeliac instead!!(which i had no symptoms of and had already tested negative for?), and pronounced me fine?? He refused to test B1.

With B12 you can overcome the autoimmune problem by flooding wth high levels.. preferably sublingual, that's why I took the high dose of B1 for 6 weeks..
Maybe there is a problem that develops with age? Only it hasn't been recognised as yet.. doc just thought it wasn't a problem . I formed the impression he thought it was common?
What if the autoimmune B1 was as common a pernicious anemia?

feeling a bit better now..even managed a walk in past 3 days.. but really sore muscles.

beer supposed (may) ,.. Ihaven't noticed it conatin SO2. sufites(SO2) destroy B1 ... in wine and "rote learning" (aka uni notes) says beer too

I know sulfites are SO3- but in body converts from SO2 to SO3, and S2O5(metabisulfite).. maybe...

I do think mine may have been nerve damage from overlow thyorid horomes (feet were frozen) for years..and now puttng t4 especially back in.. the nerve damage is noticeable?

Increasing T4 intake seems to increase the burning?
now if T4 deplete B1.. it would explain a lot

May only affect those with borderline B1 levels..as in autoimmune absorption problem

anyway.. worth a try.. do you have sulfites in youapple cider too? presumably? Please check?
and do you notice the burning/tingling is worsened on drinking a lot of apple cider?
I checked my bottl of apple cider Boob.. no sulphur preservatives mentioned. (E280-288)
BUT on cider making website

Fermentation aids include components such as sulfur dioxide, yeast, sugar, and natural acids. Sulfur dioxide is typically added to the freshly pressed juice before fermentation is allowed to begin. It has the effect of killing most of the bacteria and yeasts present in the freshly squeezed juice, or must. Enough of the desirable yeast survives the sulfur dioxide treatment and these organisms will go on to ferment the sweet juice.



but so far.. too many pages to skim read.. but not sure if specifically T4 or not.. I never get ths form THYROID extract only.. strange

oh dear.. counteract the fall in body weight by thryoid hormones with B1.. oh dear, oh dear:`(!!
says used desiccated THYROID extract and thyroxine(T4)..end of page 1.. now to find out if t4 causes greater depletion than thyroid extract.. wishful thinking.. but looking hopeful...

http://www.ithyroid.com/new_page_1.htm not sure if relevant.. it looks like I may have stumbled on something.. thoug I'd heard of the B1 and thyroid relationship..dint know much about.. still seems strange that my FT4 was so low and FT3 only mid rangeish..lowish for me

all I can think of is wmy blood tests are taken (purposely) at my "low" for the day.. my free levels may be a LOT higher just after taking soem T4.. its all free when it goes in.. would flood a bit, especially if one has lowered binding globulins..

Sulfite StrategyAn example sulfite is sodium sulfite and metabisulfite, both of which contain ... of So2/SO3-group containing drugs including DMPS (an Rx chelation drug). ...
www.beatcfsandfms.org/html/Sulfides.html - 8k - Cached - Similar pages

I DEFINITELY rEACT TO SULFITES as stated... headaches, Robbie (son) gets that cough after saugages too.. and asthma if eats dried apricots

[DOC] Sulphur Dioxide in fresh pet meatsFile Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML
The recent Today Tonight story on the use of sulphur dioxide (SO2) in fresh pet ... that fresh meat is by far the richest source of vitamin B1 in any diet, ...
www.vetsallnatural.com.au/WORDDOCS/ Sulphur%20Dioxide%20in%20fresh%
Here it's saying not to worry about the sulfites its how much B1 you get from you total diet that counts .. but.. I think if you notice an increased burning after drinking wine, or grape juice say.. or eating sauages with sodium metabisulfite in them.. then it means somethings.

I'm going to attempt to be more observant here!

Thiamine requirement of rats given a high-protein, carbohydrate-free diet
also here (if link doesn't work)

owing to the wellknown thiamine-sparing action of fat

one reason some people on thyroid hormone replacement seem to feel better on a low carb diet?

so what's a 'catatorulin effect' ???

Insulin and Thiamine.
I know that diabetes is supposed to also produce this burning (and tingling) feet sensations..
trying to find a link here as the symptoms from description sound the same. I asked my the doc about the possbility of diabetes and he wasn'tc oncerned as my blood tests a yr ago were fine for glucose (and I know my urine levels are fine too at present)..and he said that the "feet" were a more advanced, longer term effect of diabetes..so I wouldn't have it as a first sign.

Sulfur is a component of amino acids cysteine (forms disulfide bonds) and methionine; and insulin, biotin and thiamine.
Biotin I've tried (as part of my multi at 1.5 mg /day) and may feel better on.. but not a real noticeable diff.
Definitely no diff to my hair..which is what I was looking at.
Methionine I've tried also as part of my multi.. with no bad effects.. but only at low level... it's a component of meat which I crave in way higher amounts than "should" be required.
Wonder if its the sulfur I need out of the protein?

B1: http://www.goldenglow.com.au/ggecomm/productView.jsp?ProductId=1103
this is where I bougt it from..except mine was Thiamine Hydrochloride 100mg per tablet.
I notice a slight reduction in tingling taking one daily for 6 weeks ..increasing to 3 daily for 3 weeks starting todaY (12TH June).. let me know if you can think of any reason why I shouldn't do this?? I'm thinking I may have that reare autoimmune B1 ..which may cause absorption problems like B12 (pervicious anemia for B12)

Circulatory arrest caused by an iodine and thiamine injection][Circulatory arrest caused by an iodine and thiamine injection] [Article in French] Delineau MA, Bourcier J.Publication Types Case Reports MeSH Terms ...
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve& db=PubMed&list_uids=5622935&dopt=Abstract - Similar pages
I haven't tried to obtain this.. it's in French for starters.. BUt it seems to maybe imply both iodine and thiamine acting via a thyroid effect on heart musclE .. maybe??
Anti-thiamin factors (ATF)

The presence of anti-thiamin factors (ATF) in foods also contributes to the risk of thiamin deficiency. Certain plants contain ATF, which react with thiamin to form a product that is oxidized in the body, rendering it inactive. Consuming large amounts of tea and coffee (including decaffeinated), as well as chewing tea leaves and betel nut have been associated with thiamin depletion in humans due to the presence of ATF

http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/vitamins/thiamin/index.html may be worth a look
also Just having no or low ADH causes consumption of a lot more water (liquid) , which in itself can deplete (wash out) B1 and other water soluble vits

so added together the thyroid hormones, the drinking a lot of water due to undectable ADH (no, Not the other way around IMO)
AND drinking tea.. maybe that's why I'm short on B1 and getting this feet burning. It's pretty intense at times though

Kawaskaki disease..could it be a B1 deficiency??

only in Asia ..and the richer toddlers (more likely to consume processed white rice?)


red hands and palms?